99% Tag Retention

Flexo Tag & Test System

For over 10 years, the Flexo System has been used not only for genetics and genomics, but disease control, management, traceability and provenance. Flexo System is the world leader in this sector.

A commercial 100,000 tagged animal trial by Identities determined over 99% tag retention in the field over time.

The Best Testing System

  • Friction free tag rotation avoids entanglement
  • 3 in 1 biosecure action – Tag/Sample/Seal
  • Clean ear punch gives a quick-heal piercing
  • Easy-read fade free numbers, unique font & superior laser mark
  • Easy tagging with one strip per animal
  • Fast dry EasyMark permanent pen for your management tags
  • Universal tagger – robust & durable metal tagger with unique straightline action

Design of the applicator

  • Straight-line action drives male and female precisely together
  • No damage to male or female locking mechanism components
  • Minimises damage to ear tissue and animal trauma

Tag raw materials

  • Formulation using blend of premium quality plastic ingredients
  • No recycled materials used
  • High elasticity and tensile strength allows tag to be released when snagged

Design of Male and Female locking mechanism

  • Hardened glass-fibre inserts (grey and green) in male and female punch a clean hole in the ear-tissue
  • Cleanly punched hole in the ear-tissue allows free and frictionless tag rotation throughout the lifetime of animal

Large Flag tissue or Medium Flag tissue sampling strips

Large Flag EiD tissue sampling strip

Button options are also available

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