Dalton Tags are committed to the eradication of BVD from England and Wales and this site provides information and education on BVD detection, prevention and eradication.

BVD – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea – is a highly contagious disease which causes significant harm to the well-being and profitability of cattle in your herd. NADIS suggest up to 90% of UK herds having BVD exposure indicating the likely presence of Persistently Infected (PI) animals in your herd. These animals can appear normal and vaccination does not provide a cure. They remain highly infectious throughout their life. Vaccination is not 100% effective and removal of PI’s is essential to your herds wellbeing and profitability.

BVD PI stunted calf John Pickering

Many countries around the world have begun to undertake BVD eradication programmes, including Ireland and Northern Ireland. Testing your animals for BVD is an economical investment for your future.


BVD eradication programmes have been successful in many countries throughout Europe providing improved herd health benefits. BVD eradication programmes closer to home include: The Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Increased sales premiums have already been seen in these regions from BVD free breeders and finishers. Testing your animals and achieving BVD free status is an economical investment for your future.

Dalton Tags are at the forefront of promoting a BVD Free England. Our FLEXO test tag is the No1 seller in the current Northern Ireland BVD Eradication Scheme.

The superior FLEXO range offers a tamperproof 3 in 1 biosecure action combined with a unique straight line applicator which has resulted in tests showing over 99% tag retention rates.*

FLEXO is undoubtedly the preferred sample tag of testing laboratories and is the tag of choice by many top UK breed societies for DNA testing too.

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What is BVD?

BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea) is a complicated virus with a misleading name: diarrhoea is not commonly seen in infected cows, and is certainly not the reason that this disease costs the UK cattle industry an estimated £50 – 75m per year.
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Remove P.I’s

Persistently Infected animals have contracted BVD from their mother and are highly contagious. Identifying and removing these animals from your herd is critical.
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Preventing your animals from coming into contact with the BVD virus is key to limiting the spread of the virus. Know how to protect your herd by following good biosecurity practices.
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